Green rig projects for Odfjell Drilling

November 2, 2021
In March of 2020, Odfjell Drilling startet working on energy reducing projects on their own rigs, also called the ‘Green Rig Project’.

The first rig out was Deepsea Atlantic, where Westcon Power & Automation (WPA) was chosen for the executing of electrical work. In this project, the first Powerblade Hybrid system was installed, delivered by NOV. This included cable work between VFD’s, ‘flywheel’ and batteries. Later, a DC grid system delivered by Siemens was installed.


Additionally, VFD installations for mud pumps and cooling pumps on board.


Completed work by WPA on the Green Rig Project:

- Cable steel, building of cable gates

- Cable installation

- Assembly and connecting boards

- Termination of power, instruments, network and fiber cables

- MC

- Assistance on tests and commissioning


The Green Rig Project on board Deepsea Atlantic was going on until the fall of 2021. A few complimentary projects were completed during this time as well.


The same project has now started for both Deepsea Stavanger, Deepsea Nordkapp and Deepsea Aberdeen.









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